You can apply to transfer your child to another school at any time during the year. Transfers can be considered if:

  • the student is eligible for a place at their local school, for transfers from interstate, overseas or a non-government school. Enrolment for overseas students depends on certain conditions, which might include payment of student fees. 
  • the school has enough resources and places available to take non-local students.

If a late transfer is accepted after the start of the school year, there may be limited subject choices for the student. Transfers between South Australian public schools may be negotiated between the schools (for example, for the start of the next term). Until the transfer is approved, the student must continue to attend their current public school.

If you wish to enrol your child at our school, please contact us via email or (08) 8382 4311 directly for more information.

The first year of primary school is known as reception.

When your child is eligible to begin school will depend on their date of birth, and whether you’re applying to government or non-government school.

Most children start school in the year they turn 5 years of age.

Children must be enrolled at school by the age of 6. This is the compulsory starting age for children in South Australia.

Government primary schools have 2 major enrolment intakes from 2024, one for children at the beginning of the year (intake 1) and one for children to start school in term 3 (intake 2).

If your child turns 5 years old:

  • before 1 May they can start reception in term 1 of that year.
  • between 1 May and 31 October, they can start reception in term 3 (mid-year).
  • after 31 October they can start reception in the following year.

Children who start reception at the beginning of the year will generally complete 4 terms of reception, while children who start reception through the mid-year intake will complete 6 terms of reception.

If you are considering enrolling your child to start school mid-year (ie term 3), you might be interested in the preschool mid-year the year prior, so they can do 4 terms before starting school.

For more information and to express your interest in enrolling your child to Morphett Vale East School please fill in the ‘expression of interest form’ or contact us on (08) 8382 4311 or

Step 1

Make sure your child’s primary school has your current email address and your child’s correct residential address. Contact your primary school to update.

These details are used for the ‘registration of interest form’ and to determine your child’s local school.

You will need to supply proof of residence documents to your primary school if you want to make any changes to the address details on the registration of interest form.

Step 2

Families with students enrolled at government primary schools will receive a unique URL (or web address) by email or letter from their primary school at the beginning of term 2. The URL is sent to the person who has legal responsibility for the child and can only be submitted once.

Use this URL to access your online registration of interest form and nominate the public secondary school you want your child to attend in the following year. You can nominate up to 3 schools.

Complete and submit the registration of interest form.

Paper forms are available from your primary school if you cannot access the internet.

You will receive an enrolment offer sometime in August.